Restoring Your Vehicle to Pre-Accident Condition

If you were involved in an accident, a customer care specialist will promptly assist you in starting the repair process. Since each insurance company handles their claims in unique ways, our Customer Care Managers will help you through the most efficient method of processing your specific claim with your specific carrier.

Our Customer Care Managers will:

  1. Arrange for immediate towing, where necessary.
  2. Reserve rental car transportation, where necessary.
  3. Obtain rental car direct billing approval from your insurance carrier, or
  4. Make other transportation arrangements you may need.
  5. Communicate with the responsible insurance carrier(s) to expedite and facilitate the process.
  6. Act as liaisons during the entire process between you and the other parties involved.
  7. Keep you informed of the progress of repairs to your vehicle, or use our online Repair Check.
  8. Get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

What to Expect from CarCo Collision Center:

  1. If you have been involved in an accident, CarCo can help you navigate the process of collision repair.
  2. CarCo will act as liaison between you and the insurance company to determine benefits and responsibility.
  3. CarCo will pre-wash your car at check-in to enable a clear view of all accident related damage.
  4. CarCo will bag your car to protect the interior during the repair process.
  5. CarCo will explain your unique insurance coverage and repair process.
  6. CarCo will repair your vehicle to the highest quality standards in the industry.
  7. CarCo respects your time schedule; if the car is drivable, we may pre-order the parts and request that you bring the car to the shop after the parts have arrived. This minimizes down time and rental car cost.
  8. CarCo will give your car a wash, vacuum, and light detail at the completion of the repair.
  9. CarCo will offer complimentary value-added services such as removal of light surface scuffs and scratches, and removal of light surface blemishes.
  10. As part of our internal CSI (Customer Service Index) grading system, CarCo will give you a telephone call within a week of delivery to ask if you are happy with the repairs or if you have any lingering concerns. If there is a concern, you will receive a follow-up phone call from either the Customer Care Manager or the GM - Tom Friedrich. Our goal is that you will be satisfied!