Your fleet is an important mobile marketing force that increases awareness of your brand image along the road and at each customer location. That’s why companies trust CarCo’s fleet painting service to re-identify their fleets.

CarCo’s body shop professionals are experts at helping visually build your brand. When it’s time to update your image, or simply refresh the look of vehicles that have been fighting the elements, our skillful corporate identity and re-branding auto paint services include computerized brand-color matching, application of decals and paint booth availability for oversized vehicles

Accident Management

CarCo helps fleets control auto body repair costs and get their vehicles back on the road quickly.

We understand the importance of getting repairs right the first time, so you don’t lose revenue from vehicles pulled out of service for auto body repair and auto paint work. And we stand behind our accident repairs and refinishing products with a lifetime nationwide warranty.

You can have confidence in our body shop facilities' curb appeal and aesthetics, and our treatment of your clients. Companies rely on CarCo’s comprehensive accident management and fleet maintenance services, including:

  • Complete collision and mechanical repairs.
  • 24 Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance
  • Certified auto body repair work and auto paint service.
  • Uniform pricing agreements.
  • Computerized estimates and progress reports.
  • Availability of OEM or after-market parts.
  • Controlled central billing.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • State-of-the-art frame and MIG welding equipment.

Contact us for a consultation or custom quote for work you would like to have done to your fleet.