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Precision Commercial Collision Repair & Re-Finishing For Heavy/Medium Duty/Specialty Trucks

  • Box Trucks, Flatbeds, Reefer Units
  • Tractors, Dump Trucks, Construction Units
  • School Buses, Coaches, RV's
  • Fire Trucks, Medic Ambulances
  • Fleet Vans & Pick-Ups
  • Disposal & Garbage Trucks
  • Fuel Tank Trucks

Specialized Truck Body, Collision, Frame & Extension Work

  • Frame Straighten, Extension, Move - 3rd axle
  • Lift Gates, Arms, Booms (Repair, Add, Remove)
  • Body Conversions (Flatbed to Box, Box to Flatbed)
  • Box Removal & Replacement
  • Computerized Truck Painting
  • Fiberglass Repair & Fabrication
  • Cab Swaps & Wiring
  • And Anything Else You Can Think Of!

Check out CarCo Customs for specialty truck building applications and have us build your next vehicle.

Servicing trucks throughout Central Minnesota including St. Cloud and surrounding areas.

Collision center for many Central Minnesota Fleets, Insurance Companies, Logistics Companies, Food Suppliers, City Agencies, School Bus Fleets, Utility Company Fleets, Disposal Trucks, and Fleet Operators.

"I personally guarantee fast turn around time and your 100% satisfaction with our repairs"
-Tom Friedrich, CarCo Collision Center

CarCo’s Body Shop focuses on getting trucks back on the road quickly!

CarCo knows that a truck out of service is a big problem for both the truck and the driver. It means lost revenue for the truck and lost wages for the driver. To solve these problems, CarCo’s Commercial Truck Center has a significant focus on equipment, people, and hours of operation to ensure a speedy return to the road. We service all makes and models of trucks, trailers, buses and fleet vehicles.

State-Of-The-Art Facility

  • Downdraft Paint Booth.
  • Chief Frame Straightening and Alignment Systems.
  • All Equipment needed for minor repairs to complete replacement of conventional and cab-over cabs.


Our Body Repair Specialists Are Experts In:

  • Complete In-House Collision Repair
  • Sheet Metal, Fiberglass and New High Tech Composite Repair
  • Suspension Service (Leaf Springs, Air Springs, Walking Beams and Lift Axles)
  • Mechanical Repairs and Regular Maintenance for Trucks, Buses and Fleet Vehicles
  • Fastening Systems
  • Paint Technology

Keep Downtime to a Minimum

At CarCo’s Commercial Truck Center we will do what it takes to get vehicles and drivers back on the road and making money. Contact CarCo today so we can keep you moving.

Wheel Simulators

CarCo offers a full line of wheel simulators for wheel sizes from 16" to 24.5". Please contact us for more information and learn about our hard to beat pricing.

CarCo Collision Center is the leading truck collision repair and refinishing facility in Central Minnesota offering unique 24hr. services to it's clients! When you have an accident, call us first. We'll get your truck towed to our facility, work with your insurance company to approve the work, and start the repair immediately to get your truck back on the road as fast as possible. This will save you several days of downtime, potential storage yard fees, and the inconvenience of multiple towing charges. It's our way of making life easier for you and providing quality service!

Rentals available: Box Trucks, Flat-Beds, Reefer Units, 2 axles, 3 axles, 3 axle sleepers, and more!