Trusted Brake Repair Service in Rice MN

Brakes are integral for your safety on the road. But you already know that (we hope). What you do need to know is that we at CarCo Collision and Mechanical can help you take care of your car's brake problems. If you're ever in the Rice area and you need brake work done on your car, give us a visit and we'll ensure that your brakes are doing what they should -- keeping you safe on the road.

But why choose us? We have over 150 years of combined experience in car repairs under our belt. But experience won't be as impressive without the necessary certifications, right? You need not worry about that because all our technicians and mechanics are ASE certified. You can be sure that our technicians and mechanics have the right skills, knowledge, and expertise to handle any braking problem, whatever the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

Our brake repair services include

But are not limited to - brake inspections, brake replacements, master cylinder replacements, brake fluid replacements, and much more. Even if you have an ABS braking system, our facilities are up to date with the latest car technologies. You can be sure that even with today's computer-controlled vehicle system, whatever your braking issue is, we have the know-how and experience to handle it.

When we mention our experience and expertise, it's not just lip service. Aside from our certifications and the testimonials of our satisfied customers, we back our work with a rock solid warranty. We offer a five-year or 50,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first, with our work. We do this because we have complete faith in the quality and durability of our repairs. That's how confident we are with our skills and workmanship.

What's more is that you can also go to us if your car has more than brake problems. If your car was in a collision (hopefully not due to faulty brakes) and you want it to look like new, we are I-CAR certified so we can bring back your car's previous condition. If you need wheel alignment or air condition repair, we also can do those for you. We aim to provide the most comprehensive list of car repair services in our area, so that you don't need to go to different repair shops for different problems. No matter how many problems your car may have, just leave it to us and we'll take care of those problems for you.

Some frequently asked questions concerning brake repairs:

When do I need to get my brakes replaced?

Ideally, car manufacturers have a maintenance schedule when you need to replace your brakes. The general advice is to replace the brakes after 20,000 to 30,000 miles. But if you find something amiss with your brakes, then you should consider having them checked. Some of the symptoms that you should look for would be noise (when the brakes screech or grinds even at light braking), vibrations (when you feel the car sways to one side when braking), lost friction (your brakes don't stop as well as they did), brake dust (these are metal fillings coming from the brake disc and sticks on to the wheels), and a spongy brake pedal. If you have one of these symptoms, then you should bring your car in to be checked.

Will every brake checkup mean brake replacements?

The need to replace parts would depend on the condition of the vehicle and the problem that it has. For example, the spongy feeling to the brake pedal can just be a case of low brake fluid. For that, you just need to bleed the brakes and add more brake fluid. Cases where you can hear grinding and screeching sounds may entail some replacements. It could be the discs or the shoes are already worn out, or it could be both. Whatever the case is, you can be assured that we will do a thorough inspection of your braking system and your vehicle to ensure that the problem is resolved. Have faith that we won't jeopardize your safety with a careless inspection.

Can you handle brake repairs if the cause was a collision?

Of course! We specialize in collision repairs, so there's nothing you should be concerned about regarding that. Aside from the body and paint repair, we will also check the overall integrity of your vehicle and inform you of any other repair work that needs to be done. We can also inform your insurance company of these added repairs and have them assess and approve the collision and car repair work. Naturally, that includes the needed brake repairs. How fast will the repair be?

The turnaround time would depend on several factors. First would be the actual issue that your car has, for that would determine which parts we would need to order. Second would be the arrival of the parts needed to fix your car. To get a more accurate schedule for the repair, have our estimators look at your vehicle and give you a more detailed timeline.

If I need more than brake repair, can you handle it?

We offer a comprehensive list of vehicle repair services, so yes, we can handle it. Whether you need to have your suspension, wheel system, or engine looked at, we can definitely give you assistance. Our goal is to be everyone's one-stop-shop for vehicle repair concerns, so you can rely on us. When they say better safe than sorry, they may be referring to your brakes. So if you're having issues or detect anything out of the ordinary with your brakes, better have them checked. And again, you're better off being safe than sorry. With that, you should bring your car to people that you can trust. In the Rice area, the guys at CarCo’s Service Center are simply the best. You can be assured that we'll do a thorough check of your vehicle, make the necessary repairs, and give your peace of mind when you're on the road.